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Open House by Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) LIFESTYLE / 03 APRIL 2017 / BY S O I S O U R C E
Open House by Klein Dytham architecture (KDa) LIFESTYLE / 03 APRIL 2017 / BY S O I S O U R C E
Arriving at Open House there is a great sense of openness, a vast floor plate, tall ceilings and most importantly the gorgeous surrounding views of the city beyond.
Within this incredible space - 50m above the city - we wanted to create a village of spaces with a familiar human scale - restaurants, lounges, bars, galleries, stores, pop ups, libraries, work spaces that all seamlessly work together.  A space that anyone could feel comfortable in, feel at home in, spend all day in, relax in and be inspired in. A place to hang out, a place to play, a place to study and a place to eat.
The restaurant’s towers are one of the main features of the interior. Not only do they break down the space and make it easy to navigate, but also conceal columns and kitchens vents and equipment. The towers are clad in a family of different timber fretwork patterns which change the way light passes through them as you move through the space. During the day the towers seem more solid while at night they dissolve creating interesting layering effects and moiré patterns. Mirrored panels on the ceiling around the towers make them appear to extend beyond the space and break down the immensity of the ceiling.
The book tower and the art tower are more solid and act as anchors in the space. The art tower, situated below the impressive light well has a series of gallery rooms inside and at the top has a look out from where you can experience the whole space as if a captain on a ship.
The view out to the city and the greenery is a key feature of the space, so the floor is raised in the center of the space and slowly steps down towards the windows, allowing everyone to have great views.
Tying the spaces together is a library and bookstore which meanders through Open House. The counters and low shelving lead you through the space while creating moments to pause or sit with a book. A huge double height book wall forms an incredible back drop to the space. Stairs and a glazed balcony allow access to this huge selection of books - and more great views across Open House.
Tucked behind the bookshelf is a co-working space allowing anybody to find a quiet spot. Designed as a greenhouse for creative ideas, the space overlooks the lush trees of the British Embassy and is special hide away.
Open house is for everyone, so it includes an impressive play space and workshop area for kids and parents as well as a design and art supplies store.
Finally the ceiling features more than 9,000 leaves, each individually hand painted by local Thai artists, representing a tree-like canopy that extends over all of Open House, protecting, shading and creating a most iconic space.
This truly unique and creative Open House will not only become a home for everyone living in Bangkok, but also a home from home for anyone visiting. 

Huge thanks to KDa & Central Embassy for the story behind OPEN HOUSE!
#soisource #soisourcelifestyle #interiordesign #dythamarchitecture #openhouse #centralembassy